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Welcome to Medical Tours Costa Rica, your premier destination for comprehensive medical travel services. We specialize in providing a complete end-to-end solution that centralizes every aspect of your healthcare journey in Costa Rica, including our extensive network of hospitals, hotels, tourism activities, transportation, and more.

Our mission is not just to assist patients during the diagnostic and quotation phase but also to eliminate any potential barriers. Our team of seasoned industry professionals excels at connecting the dots, serving as a seamless interface with each Certified Provider to ensure a smooth and hassle-free medical travel experience.

Services Provided & Coordinated through MTCR:

  • Personalized Patient Coordinator: From the moment you reach out to us, a dedicated patient coordinator will be assigned to your case. They will guide you through every step of the process, from your initial inquiry to your safe return home. Your patient coordinator will accompany you to the hospital during the pre-op, admission, and post-op phases, ensuring your experience is stress-free.

  • Cost Estimates: We provide approximate costs for procedures, helping you plan your medical journey with transparency and confidence.

  • Case Management: Our team offers expert case management services, streamlining communication between patients, facilitators, and doctors.

  • Medical Information Transfer: We facilitate the secure transfer of medical information between you and your chosen doctor.

  • Surgery Scheduling: We take care of scheduling surgeries and pre-operative consultations, ensuring your treatment is well-coordinated.

  • Quick Price Quotes: Expect a rapid turnaround on price quotes from our extensive provider network.

  • Personalized Care: Enjoy personalized attention and support throughout your onsite experience to ensure an outstanding journey.

  • 24/7 Support: We offer round-the-clock assistance, providing peace of mind at all times.

  • Comprehensive Procedure Packages: Our packages encompass medical team fees, hospital costs, implants and prostheses (when specified), pre-operative exams, rehabilitation therapy (when specified), personalized airport assistance, airport transfers, and transportation between your hotel and the hospital.

  • Hotel Arrangements: We handle hotel accommodations, ensuring you have a comfortable stay and recovery.

  • Nursing Visits: Certified nurses conduct daily visits to evaluate your progress and provide updates to your surgeon. 

  • Information and Support: We promptly respond to inquiries from patients, prospective patients, and interested companies, offering essential information such as price quotes and hospital details.

  • Complaint Resolution: If you have any concerns or issues, we are here to help resolve them promptly and efficiently.

  • Appointment Coordination: We assist in coordinating appointments, ensuring timely and convenient healthcare access.

  • Logistics Coordination: Our services extend to transportation, airport transfers, tours, and communication with your family members.

  • Travel Assistance: Count on us for comprehensive travel support throughout your medical journey.

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