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Brad Cook Medical Tours Costa Rica
Bill Cook Medical Tours Costa Rica

Medical Tours Costa Rica: Pioneering Excellence in Medical Travel

Medical Tours Costa Rica has helped thousands of patients and is the innovator in medical travel to Costa Rica.

Brad and Bill Cook are visionaries who saw the writing on the wall while running the International insurance office for Costa Rica’s busiest and most respected hospital, Clinica Biblica. At Medical Tours Costa Rica, we stand at the forefront of the medical community, deeply interconnected and attuned to its ever-changing pulse.


With a proven track record of delivering and managing offshore healthcare services for over 3500 patients from Canada, the United States, England, and various other nations around the world, we stand as a beacon of excellence in the field of medical tourism.

The Origins of Medical Tours Costa Rica:

Medical Tours Costa Rica was formed because its founders saw a real need for top quality health care services including orthopedic, dental, and weight loss surgery procedures at affordable prices in the United States, Canada, and Europe. As health care costs continue to rise, the list of people without medical insurance also continues to rise, financially compelling international tourists to search for quality, feasible options to fulfill their health care needs.

At Medical Tours Costa Rica, we envisioned the urgent need for affordable, top quality dental, orthopedic, spinal and bariatric surgery procedures. We also saw the need to make health care services available going to a destination that was near home for the patient´s comfort and recovery.

Meeting the Challenge:

In order to meet the challenge, Brad and Bill Cook (both pioneers in the medical tourism industry) formed Medical Tours Costa Rica. This was their way of coming up with a feasible solution to the health care needs of people who could no longer afford medical services at home.

The Medical Tours Costa Rica difference:

At MTCR, our aim is to become your “one-stop shop” for health care services offering you a wide variety of specialties with medical tourism packages. We have partnered with some of the leading bilingual specialists in Costa Rica who offer you top-quality, affordable health care procedures.

At Medical Tours Costa Rica, we are not dentists, surgeons, doctors, or health care practitioners, so we cannot offer medical advice although we can coordinate conference calls so you may speak with the specialist about your concerns. We are medical tourism consultants, helping you find the best available health care at a reasonable price.

Medical Tours featured on the Denver Channel 2020 Documentary

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