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Hospital Information 

For more information about the hospital, click on the link below


Instructions for your Hospital Visits: 

Pre-op and Post Ops: 

  • Make sure to fast 8 hours prior to your blood work (no water, no food.) 

  • Please bring your passport with you every time you visit the hospital.

  • Meet your transportation at the lobby at the scheduled time, If you are delayed or have any questions you may call your patient coordinator to inform them.

  • Be sure to be wearing a facemask before entering the Van. Facemasks are mandatory at hospitals. 

  • Your MTCR Patient Coordinator will welcome you at the hospital and guide you to every appointment. 

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as they are the most vulnerable areas for the contagion of infectious agents.

Admissions and Surgery

  • Please bring your passport with you.  

  • Do not bring valuables or cash as you will not be needing them during your hospital stay.

  • Make sure to be wearing your facemask

  • Follow the instructions of the Admission representatives.

  • Read the admissions documents carefully and sign them.

  • If your surgery requires overnight care at the Hospital, your companion can stay without additional cost.

  • All meals while at the hospital are included. This applies for patient and companion (according to the predisposed medical advice for the patient).

  • Both Hospitals have access to Wi-Fi and free calls to the US. Please ask your patient coordinator or the hospital staff for assistance on how to connect to the Wi-Fi or call family members from the hospital room.

  • Your medical records are provided by the Hospital in Spanish. One medical report with all the details of the treatment will be delivered to you in English during the post op consultation.

  • Once the surgery has finished, the patient coordinator and Surgeon will call your companion to provide an update.

Hospital Discharge 

  • The Discharge process will be arranged by the patient coordinator and Medical Tours Nurse. Please follow their instructions.

  • The nurse will be wearing a facemask and the necessary PPE for the Discharge process.

  • The patient will be leaving the hospital along with the Nurse, maintaining the necessary distance from each other during the ride.

  • The nurse will evaluate you at the hotel and update the surgeon on your recovery. 

Hotel Recovery: 

  • You will receive daily nursing visits, except for the day of your post-op, when the surgeon evaluates you. Make sure to be wearing a facemask during the nursing visits. 

  • The nurse will take the temperature of the patient and companion daily at the hotel. 

  • Make sure to follow the doctor's instructions and take your medication as instructed. 

  • If a patient or companion presents symptoms such as cough, sore throat, fever, or shortness of breath, communicate it immediately to your patient coordinator or nurse, to ensure prompt and timely treatment.

  • We recommend ordering room service for your meals. However, if you prefer to eat at the restaurant, we recommend calling the restaurant ahead of time to reserve a table on the terrace. 


Contact your Patient Coordinator 


Sofía Solís

Patient Coordinator 

Cellphone: +(506) 8430-8762



Kim Ampie

Patient Coordinator / Supervisor

Cellphone: 6046-6969



Lohanna Quiros

Patient Coordinator 

Cellphone: +(506) 8669-7530


WhatsApp Image 2022-10-13 at 10.03.21 AM.jpeg

Johanna Gonzáles

Registered Nurse 

Cellphone: +506 7205 2395


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